“Combines deliciously deft jabs, with sober comments and reflections about the issues of the day. His Old Army style language, makes an entertaining read.”

Jos. C. Doelker – Old Beth Page, NY (Veteran-Guadalcanal, WWII retired Procurement Director)

“Interesting site. Provocative and lively.”

M. Doyle – reporter (McClatchy Newspapers)

“… displays an acute military mind with exceptionally fine, clear, and succinct analysis. about what’s happening with our great country.

P. Tagney – Lynn Haven FL (Veteran – Vietnam – retired C/MSgt-USAF)

An inimitable style. His perspective, and context about people, events, and foibles of the day, are engaging and thought provoking. Five stars!”

C. Bogart – West Sacramento, CA
(Retired double Emmy broadcast journalist)

“Sometimes insightful…often provocative… he leaves no sacred cows unmolested.”

B. Ross – Elk Grove, CA
(Veteran – Vietnam- recording artist- Pandora Radio)

“His eye for an angle, coupled with snappy prose, entertains and enlightens.  Never short of an opinion, he’s not afraid to “tell it straight,” providing fresh insight into daily life!”

G. Eisenhart Belleville, IL  (author – poetry )

“Taylor writes in a conversational style, simple and direct, making it easy to understand whatever issue he’s writing about. It’s what I appreciate the most about it.”

C. Lewis – Peabody, MA
(long haul trucker)

“Ably articulates the troubles of today’s world in layman’s terms. He has an amazing talent for coming up with simple and obvious solutions which normal common sense can only applaud.”

B. Levy – Salt Lake City, UT (veteran – Iraq construction/demolition specialist)

“His ability to cite facts and get to the heart of the subject in a witty, satirical manner, is an art…and Taylor is a master of that type of journalistic writing.”

E. Kahn – Spring, TX  (Veteran- Korea – retired GAO Auditor/CPA)