(over the rump end of our horse…as we shift our sights to other things)

For the past sixteen years, seven of them from the platform of this site, we’ve produced a series of commentaries offering opinions and perspectives about the passing parade of events and personalities involved in America’s transition from the 20th Century through these early years of this 21st one.

Our approach for that was from the perspective of a curbside viewer of that parade focused on, and taking snapshots of, some of the more ridiculous and zany aspects of it, rather than trying to join in with the more erudite mass of pundits’ opinions already expounding about it. And for that we used a colloquial style language in a humorous and mildly satirical way to try to be entertaining, while yet giving pause, and serious food for thought, about some of those events, happenings, and issues we were commenting about.

Inevitably, of course, this meant much of that was superficial in the way we treated some very serious issues, because we’ve always believed that humor is almost always more effective to make a point about any issue…than zealotry or any rants about it.

Still, there comes a time when it all begins to sound too much like the lyrics of a tune playing from a broken record…over and over and over again…about scandalous goings-on in high places of one kind or another…natural and human caused disasters of all kinds…along with a variety of violent economic, political, and social conflicts all over the place…strongly suggesting that, from such a kaleidoscopic continuum, the world is still continuing on its merry way to hell in the proverbial handbasket.

When that happens…it’s clearly time to stop. Of course, we won’t do so “cold turkey”. We’ll just shift our focus away from the day to day events and issues of that parade…toward spending more time exploring broader subject matters. Hopefully to come up with and yield more in-depth insights and understandings of these than otherwise, by drawing from an accumulated cargo of life experiences to do so.

To what extent any of that will contribute anything relevant or worthwhile in the matrix of today’s technological world, is hard to say. After all, we’re of the parchment and quill generation which, having reached that chronological milestone of 90, now puts us somewhere between just being “antique” to bordering on the “archeological”, with all the biases and perspectives about things that may entail. Which thus makes us either an echo from the past…or just another plaintive voice adrift in the wilderness of a strange new tomorrow.

 So, as we make this Parthian-style bow shot from the rump end of our horse, going away, we thank all those who’ve followed this Centurion Chronicle for all these years, both here and abroad, and hope they’ll still pop by now and then, just to see what, if anything, is new with it. In the meantime, our best wishes to one and all for the coming new year.


P.S. We’re starting to collate and prepare a two-volume set of the entire collection of these Centurion Chronicle commentaries covering this period of contemporary American history. If such a collection is of interest, please let us know by emailing your interest to: [email protected]
The more advance requests we can gather for it, the better the odds we’ll have in getting a publisher to produce it (unless we win a lottery of course…in which case…we’ll just head for Armagnac, to find some of its chronologically contemporary vintage to hold in hand, and there, then vaguely wonder if Mr. Musk…will ever get to Mars)
W.R Taylor