(ringing the blending of tradition with the present)

Britain’s with-it Prince Harry and America’s film celebrity Megan Markle just got married in what was (by royal standards) a modestly family-sized affair.

The occasion presented some interesting historical twists and ironies; that is, as the first of England’s colonies to break away, America is now the last to symbolically return…by matrimony into the top tier of its monarchial fold…and doing so with just the right touch of African lineage to make that union as modern as it can be.

They do make a handsome couple and are obviously a real love-match besides, which made their wedding a most welcomed interlude from an otherwise hate-immersed and turbulent world. They give new meaning to the saying…love conquers all…as we all wish them a long and happy life together.

Well, with royal wedding bells blending tradition with the present like this, it reminds us of the lyrics of a pop-tune from the ’60s which once again lets the world know…England swings, it really do…royals wed…two by two…