STILL SEARCHING FOR ITS PLACE… (in this new world order of things)

America’s transition from its global preeminence in the 20th century, into this 21st one, has not been easy. Even as we approach the quarter cdentury of it, America is still bashing and thrashing about searching for its place in this new world order of things…and has yet to figure it out.

After some seventy five years of being the main architect and orchestrator of a global geopolitical matrix of multilateral alliances and networks for economic and security purposes, it seems to have become tired of both the economic and military costs required to maintain such a position. This seems to be the best explanation for the rise of its “America First” sentiment, the election of  a Donald Trump to its Presidency, and for a generally incoherent Congress firmly locked in the grip of extreme ideology rather than achieving consensus on many vital issues.

Some see all of that as clear evidence that America is steadily falling apart, and that its previous global hegemonic influence is rapidly fading away. Others, view it as being more of a – default reset – moment, a kind of natural pause, before resuming its leader of the pack position again. More than likely it’s probably a little of both.

Part of the problem is that there are a lot of new “players” on the world stage now, so the same old play-scripts, the same old ways and means of production, the same old stage settings, are no longer attractive to the world’s audiences which, more than ever, have become even more adamant in their complaints for new and better material presented to them. Thus, disruption, seems to be the only way to accomplish that; and so, we might rightfully say, America is properly performing its leader of the pack obligations by placing a master of the disruptive approach such as Donald Trump in a position of power.

Regardless of how one views such a situation, none of this disruptive turmoil will end until America manages to put its own economic and societal house in order. How well it accomplishes that task…remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world…can only wait and hope it will be sooner rather than later.