(on yet another of those Fourth of July’s)

It’s another Fourth of July, as we greet it with our usual American excessive bombast for it with…parades…choral fanfares…grandstanding oratory from elected officials…booming fireworks…neatly packaged with patriotic displays of red, white, and blue,star-spangled banners fluttering over it all like clouds of Monarch butterflies.

If some folks are inclined to deplore and grouse about how ritualistic this annual event has apparently become, perhaps bordering on the meaningless, we might remind them that the Founders of this republic bear the blame for that, because, these laid down explicit directives that’s how we should do so, to celebrate the birth of a lone republic in an otherwise all monarchial world.

Of course, over time, our enthusiasm for following those directives seems to have become more of a casual gesture to tradition, than anything else, rather than true devotion to the ideals and principles for which it stood, because nowadays the real focus of our attention on this day is about hitting the road to get somewhere else for it, firing up our backyard barbecues (by those of us who still have backyards), and otherwise, frantically stampeding about to all those super, super sales offerings for almost anything…and free do so with absolute abandon as the world’s only society able to combine polyglot cultural pluralism and insouciant hedonistic materialism, while it keeps whatever internal political and social tensions which may result from that…well in check (well, most of the time).

Only in America.