(…so trying our hand at coming up with one of our own)

There are all sorts of wild conspiracy theories floating around these days, especially on the Internet, and in what some call the Dark Net, where the wildest of these seem to flow and roil about, like so much lava oozing from a paranoid volcano. Generally, we’ve dismissed such material as delusional fantasies emanating from disgruntled partisan political opponents of one kind or another; or, from the more deranged minds of single-issue zealots who cannot accept indifference or rejection of their perspectives about these.

There are, however, some events and the circumstantial contexts in which they occur, which leads us to wonder if there aren’t hidden and calculated motivations causing such events The most glaring example of that being the recent hullabaloo concerning an apparent Russian attempt to interfere in our 2016 election process.

We’re referring of course to a possible Putin-Trump relationship which…while we don’t believe it really exists beyond the usual diplomatic minuets required of heads of state…there are some aspects of the present situation which are a puzzlement. So, from that puzzlement, here’s our own attempt to produce such a conspiracy scenario which may perfectly explain it all.

When Russian President Putin finally achieved the power and authority of his position (which he has managed to firmly consolidate since his first accession to power), he embarked on a clear agenda to a) restore as much as possible the former Soviet hegemony over Russia’s portion of the Eurasian landmass, b) to extend that hegemonic influence back over Eastern Europe, and, c) to destabilize the unity of both the EU and the USA as much as possible, and to keep these so focussed on that, they would be unable to interfere with his agenda for restoring Russia as a key power in the world’s geopolitical matrix.

To that end, he applied Russia’s oil and natural gas resources, by engaging in petro-blackmail against both eastern and western Europe, while he successfully manipulated things to also separate Crimea from the Ukraine, further destabilized that entity by creating internal dissension and strife among its political elements, and otherwise, meddled in the political processes of several Central European and Balkan countries, getting away with it all simply because no one wanted to risk having him cut off those oil and natural gas supplies upon which most of Europe depends (the problem with pipelines is that if nothing flows into these from the input end…
nothing will come out from the output end…and that can all be done without firing a single shot or rattling a single missile).

What to do about the USA, however, presented President Putin with a much more complex problem. The shale revolution had changed it from being a totally dependent oil and natural gas importer for its energy needs (including from Russia), to become a very active and potentially disruptive competitive exporting source of these, thus, weakening his capacity to cut off supply to countries which didn’t cooperate with his agenda.

We’re not sure when President Putin chose to use – disruption – as his best option to neutralize the USA’s capacity to block or interfere with his geopolitical machinations and maneuvers, but we think it began with the uprisings of the Arab Spring and its ultimate end-product, the Syrian civil war.

The launching of such a “disruptive” project for America is difficult to pinpoint, but, from a conspiracy perspective, it may have begun as far back as the Obama administration’s tenure, during which his relations with the US, and particularly with Secretary of State Clinton, became more and more frosty (despite a number of well-renumerated speech gigs provided to her spouse, and the erstwhile Clinton Foundation…with some estimates claiming their global return being in the $40 million range).

Which brings us to the possibly wildest conspiracy fantasy yet.

What if, when it became apparent that Mrs. Clinton would become the Democratic Party’s candidate of choice in 2016, and if she were elected, there would then be little means of leverage to be had over her (which may explain the motive behind Russian attempts to hack the Democratic Party Headquarters’ files to find something that could be used as “leverage” against her). But to hedge his bet, his attention then turned to the Republicans. Being the former KGB aparatnik that he is, President Putin then very probably made more than any due diligence background checks on each of that party’s thundering herd of candidates, among them Mr. Trump.

Given Trump’s well-known disruptive style, the volatility of his temperament, and shiftiness of character, it appears that President Putin concluded that this would be the best political horse to bet on, even though he was less than trustworthy about keeping any deals made, because, if elected, he would so disrupt the American political matrix that would effectively neutralize any American capacity to interfere with his agenda for Russia. Thus, the apparent launch of a massive disinformation/faux news campaign against the Clinton candidacy, and the very odd emergence of so much funding and political action support for Mr. Trump. Many aspects of which still remain murky, to say the least.

But the real crux of creating a good conspiracy theory about all that is to pose the following question: To what extent was Donald Trump a compliant tool with these Putin-generated efforts; or, was he simply the duped pawn of those efforts? The Moeller investigation has been drilling deep to try and obtain a definitive answer to that question.

On balance there are, as yet, too many unconnected dots to confirm it all one way or the other; but, the trend line of connection that is visible, seems to point more toward some form of his being…a compliant tool…because based on all his bombastic rhetoric and grandstanding postures about being for “America First”, since his election, President Trump seems to be doing everything he can to alienate most of America’s allies, and throwing all their former unity with it into chaos…thereby effectively achieving President Putin’s neutralizing objectives with America.

Which brings us to having to consider some unsettling endings for such a conspiracy theory. If we paint him as just a duped pawn of Putin’s, making Mr. Trump look even less qualified for the Oval Office than many have thought him to be, then we end up with a somewhat ho-hum finish for it, leaving those who voted for him with egg on their faces. On the other hand, if we end it by showing he was in some way a compliant tool for Mr. Putin’s machinations, making it a situation which borders on that most horrid of all situations… treason…then we end up with a really dramatic and gut-wrenching finish for such a theory. Take your pick.

Well, either way, we’re not sure how valid such a conspiracy scenario might be, but it may just be good enough to be the first draft for one of those hugger-mugger scripts they use for the production of so many of our current TV shows. In which case, since this is copyrighted content, we’ll be expecting some generous royalty checks for it…if any producers show an interest.

Hollywood…please note.