(emerging from the matrix of today’s oligarchic mobs)

In almost every part of the world, including our own, there is a new class of mafia-type Dons emerging from the matrix of today’s oligarchic mobs. The most prominent of these being the present leaders of China, Russia, and America.

Regardless how they achieve oligarchic status, whether by hook or by crook, oligarchs all share a common authoritarian mindset, some more authoritarian than others in form and style, but still, all firmly dedicated to the same ideal of being a Capo di Tutti Capi. In other words, the Alpha Don of their respective national syndicates.

While China and Russia (along with most of the other Capo Regime types lurking at their fringes) have some degree of historical excuse for it, since their societies have never really known any other form of governance, the Trumpian phenomenon here in America must be considered an anomaly, if not a malignant mutation, to its democratically founded DNA.

All of which may explain why these three Presidents seem to have an affinity for each other, and thus a willingness to establish some form of entente between themselves, in spite of any personal quirks or ways which might otherwise intervene. The unstated understanding between them being the ultimate development of a triumvirate dominating the rest of the world’s affairs.

We’re not suggesting here that this conscious conspiracy by these three national leaders to achieve such a global arrangement. It’s simply the natural and logical end product to be anticipated when three such mindsets are in respective positions of power. In some aspects, there could be some benefit if unintended, consequences from such a development. That is, aberrant lesser mobsters such as Kim Un of North Korea (today’s equivalent of the late “Mad Dog” Dutch Schultz), or the Ayatollah Don of Iran’s theocratic mob, are more likely to be firmly put in their place if their behaviors cause too much negative impact on such a Triumvirate’s business interests and enterprises. It simply would not put up with it, and take whatever measures necessary to restore the order its interests need to profitably exist.

In short, once they’ve managed to thrash out their respective zones of exclusive interest between themselves, the world could ultimately find itself in a much more stable, less volatile, and perhaps a much less dangerous period than it’s in today, where everything seems to be on the brink, and anxieties of every sort rule the day.

For those who might have an extreme allergy to such an Orwellian matrix in our future, and are prepared to raise frantic outcries about the subversion of “freedom” should it become a reality, we might point out that “freedom” is already in very short supply all over the world, with very little of it left to be subverted. Given the way things actually are today, economically, politically, and otherwise, only absolute purists about the definition of “freedom” should have cause for complaint if this, indeed, became a reality.

Nevertheless, it may be useful to pause here, and consider the personalities of these three putative Godfathers in our midst. We might then have a better understanding of what to expect from each of them, as well as collectively.
The first of them is President Xi of China. The youngest of this trio he also seems to be the slickest and wiliest of the three, concealing an iron fist in a finely made silken glove. Someone who has not only managed to survive throughout the turmoils which occurred in the ruling party’s power structure since the demise of Mao, but to quietly progressively move himself up through the ranks of that structure to achieve his ultimate position of firm control over the entire apparatus.

In that process, he has apparently not only acquired the financial means to sustain that control over it, but also, systematically collected and attached to himself a talented crew of affiliates to create a strong and effective organization whose tentacles spread far and wide and deep throughout the entire structure. An organization in which all its elements can derive some profit as well as merit. A truly -syndicated – conglomerate controlling all the levers of economic and political power in China, and which has perfectly developed a skillful balance between ruthless pragmatism and benign governance, more Confucian now rather than still ideologically Marxist. Of the three he is thus the most secure and strongest in terms of potential longevity in power.

The second of them is President Putin of Russia. A product of the ex-Commissariat klepto-thuggery which took advantage of the Soviet collapse by looting as much of the previously state-owned assets it could lay its hand on, he also applied his KGB aparatnik perspectives to be able to manipulate and maneuver himself upwards through that Russian “systema” world. He’s more in the mold of an Al Capone than the others, that is, just as ready to apply a Valentine’s Day Massacre approach to an obstructing problem, as he is to make an accommodating deal. He is nevertheless a calculating strategic-minded Don who will do whatever is necessary to maintain his power position.

The third of these is President Trump of the USA. A true oligarch who achieved that status in the wheeling and dealing arena of the world of high-end real estate, where acquiring the grandest of its prizes is the only end result that is acceptable. Whether that’s achieved by hook or by crook is considered irrelevant, so long as that result is achieved. The resulting mindset is thus firmly conditioned to operate with the situational ethics of a blue-suede shoe hustler, and, a very flexible integrity with no fixed moral address. All of that packaged together in the form of a bombastic glitzy sybaritic and volatile persona, expressing itself solely in the language of superlatives and self-promotion. While this may have a certain amount of appeal for an electorate long conditioned to the celebrity cult, it really doesn’t do much for the creation of a strong and viable power structure, nor does it apparently translate and integrate itself very well into the American system of governance. While this puts him at a disadvantage with the other two, because his longevity in power is less certain because of the American system, much of that is offset by the sheer magnitude of the American economic machinery which he is quite prepared to use to achieve his objectives of the moment.

It seems therefore that these three, while differing from each other in many ways, have a sufficient number of complementary aspects to sustain a reasonably workable entente together. How long that might last will depend on how accommodating they are to each other’s vital interests. For Russia, that means having a relatively free hand in dealing with the surrounding entities bordering the Black Sea, which includes those of the Middle East and the Caucasus. For China, that means unhindered access to various natural resources in disparate parts of the world, beyond its immediate core hegemonic zone, to feed and sustain its economic machinery. As for the USA, that means no exclusionary restrictive trade barriers wherever it chooses to do so, and no poaching in its Western Hemisphere home park by any others.

Well, ours is perhaps a contrarian perspective in such matters, but from what we been able to observe of the situation, we think it is reasonably close to the mark.

How it will all actually play out is anyone’s guess, and the only thing we can offer is to say…make sure everyone has taken their Dramamine pills…it’s likely to be a seasick kind of ride for the immediate future.