(…we first have to consider the source of it…)

After almost two years of loud roaring about “fake news”, most of those roarings about it are as fake as the news it has roared about.

Now, some three hundred news organizations with well-established journalistic credentials from around the country, have joined in collective protest about a constant barrage against the integrity of those journalistic credentials, by accusations that they are supposed purveyors of such “fake news.” While unprecedented such a collective action is comparable to the post-WWII formation of NATO in reaction to the Soviet aggressions of the Cold War.

To better understand the genesis of this fake news war, we first must consider the real source of it; and, we’re sorry to say, that source seems to be the Oval Office itself. What’s worse is that we’re now forced to also conclude that such an outflow of fake content from it is not just the product of impulsive reactions of the moment, but the product of a clear policy enhanced and amplified by using the channels of Social Media, such as Twitter World, the Internet’s podcasts of lunatic conspiracy theorists, and the more extreme voices of Talk Radio…with the sole purpose of one way or another eroding the credibility of any conventional news entity which dares to question or confront any Oval Office pronouncements or spins about any subject or situation of the moment. In short, what’s emerging here is a refinement of the “double speak” scenario straight out of Orwell’s 1984.

While the founders of this republic of ours imbedded freedom of our press in the stone of the constitution they provided us, we have to admit its forms and practices have been sources of contentions from the very beginning, nor has it always followed the highest standards expected of the journalistic profession. The credibility and quality of its past news gathering and reporting has been just as erratic, varied, and wild, as it is today. Simply put, American journalism practice comes in three broad categories. Most of it is firmly anchored to the principles of accuracy and reliability, some of it is openly biased toward a particular agenda or perspective of one kind or another, and yet another is solely interested in the pursuit of profit from what’s called “yellow” journalism…dedicated to the half-truths of sensationalism. Although today’s technologies have changed the way news is presented, particularly through the print and broadcast mediums, these broad categories of its forms still prevail.

Nevertheless, applying a broad brush of “fakery” to all those sources of news, without distinction, is the equivalent of deliberately poisoning the sole common source of water for an entire community. In our view, that’s a clear indication of criminality of purpose and demagogue intent to subvert and destroy the framework of our democracy. That such purpose and intent should emanate from the Oval Office is not just alarming, but also raises an even more disturbing question here: Have we, the American people, become such a nation of sheep that we’re now ready to blindly accept such a situation without offense or resistance?

Let’s hope not, because if we have, then the America so many have fought, bled, and died for, is no more, and all their sacrifices for it have been in vain.