(…are beginning to affect everyday America)

Our country seems to be showing symptoms of banana-republic infection these days,
and it’s beginning to affect everyday America.

For one thing, voter anger and disgust at the political gridlock and generally unresponsive non-feasance in Washington gave rise to an extreme bit of populist fever which, in the 2016 elections, brought about the election of a President with a wrecking-ball style of governance. A governance which has shown itself to be fixated on being in contention with anything and/or anyone in sight, using a wide-ranging inflammatory rhetoric which incites mindless zealotry either for or against it.

The consequences of all that is that disunity of purpose now reigns supreme and pro-con civil discourse and debate about critical concerns and issues facing the nation has…like the proverbial baby…been thrown out with the bath water. Instead, we now have incidents and moments where extreme forms of partisanship are ramping up all over the map. Here are two recent of the more egregious examples of that:

* In Boston, a rabid supporter of the President, who seems to have been fired up the demonized
characterization the President has given the entire news profession, was arrested for making
explicit threats of extermination against a newspaper’s entire editorial and reporting staff, on
the grounds that they were attacking and being disloyal to him, thus traitorous to the country.

* In California, the Chairman of that state’s Democratic party, publicly called for a boycott of a
popular fast food/burger enterprise, because its owners made campaign contributions to the
opposing Republican party. A more egregious display of political gaucherie would be hard to

This is not a new situation in the history of our country. Our politics have always been contentious from the very beginning of its foundation and led to the disaster of our own long and bloody civil war. Our recovery from that traumatic experience took a century, but many of its negatives still linger on with us today. One would have thought that such blunt force trauma would have taught us a lesson not to be forgotten.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. So, when will we ever learn? Qui sait? The only thing we do know is that the world doesn’t need another banana-republic to clutter up the landscape. The world has enough of those already.