(…and the only anti-biotic for it is to limit its means of infection)

Ever since the Supreme Court saw fit to equate the free-speech rights of business and corporate entities with those of individuals, the viral infection of so-called -Dark Money – has expanded to infect all levels of our political system…from local municipal to county, to state, and especially, at our federal level.

That decision has thus allowed such entities to use their greater financial capabilities, than those of any individuals, to influence not only election outcomes but also to exert greater influence on candidates seeking to be elected to such offices, and thereby, effectively dictate whatever policies or laws will be proposed and enacted throughout all those levels of government in America. Policies and laws which will benefit them at the expense of everyone else.

We call it “dark” because it hides in the background of all our political exercises, camouflaged by various methods of non-disclosure, and other means, to avoid being identified as manipulators of our erstwhile “democratic” system of governance. It is perhaps the most insidious form of corruption to be found anywhere in the world.

We can’t begin to understand why the Supreme Court made such a decision, nor suggesting that it too was somehow “influenced” to rule the way it did on this issue. We do think, however, that decision is fundamentally flawed (no matter how constitutionally correct it might be concerning the principle of free-speech), and that flaw is a question of -equity-, and because of that lack of equity, that may be the best and most effective basis for ordinary citizens/voters to counter and oppose “dark money” participation in our political process, at whatever level.

We say there is a lack of “equity” because juristic entities such as businesses and corporations have much greater individual and collective financial means to contribute to political candidates they might favor, than those of individuals. Their free-speech rights are therefor “unequal” over the same free-speech rights of individuals…because of those greater financial capabilities.

What we’re suggesting here is that all those who oppose and reject the influence and power of dark money participating in the electoral process, at whatever level, should begin a clamor to bring the issue back to the Supreme Court, demanding that it re-examine its earlier decision so that the issue of -equity- can be applied to it, and properly rebalance the scales, so to speak.

In the meantime, on the basis of the Tenth Amendment, we believe that we, the people, have the right to establish the following restrictions and regulations on how -Dark Money- can exercise its “free-speech” rights, without having an inequitable advantage, or an unequal influence, over the rights of individual voters in any election process at any level of governance:
1)Only those businesses or non-profit entities incorporated or registered in a given State can participate
in any election within that State.
2)The maximum dollar value such entities can contribute to any candidate’s campaign in that
State, in any combination of money, goods, or services, is limited to $1,000.
3)Such entities must identify themselves as contributors to any political campaign.
4)Anyone participating as a volunteer with any political campaign in the State must have been a
resident of the State at least six months prior to any election in the State.
We believe these four provisions can significantly reduce, if not eliminate, the ability of Dark Money to exert its influence with any election in any State. More importantly, we also believe that, rather than attempting to get such measures enacted by a State’s Legislature, these can be enacted using the voters’ initiative or voters’ proposition process instead. This is in keeping with our Tenth Amendment rights, that is:” The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Presented to voters of any State in this way, we believe it would not be difficult to get enough signatures to get such an initiative or proposition on the ballot, making it very difficult for any Dark Money interests to prevent it.

As for the courts, we believe it would also be very difficult at any judicial level to rule in favor of any plaintiffs objecting to such provisions being enacted because then there would have to override the Tenth Amendment’s provisions for just this kind of action by…the people.

Frankly, we’re not very optimistic that there are enough independent-minded voters, still left out there in voter world, who have the political cojones to take such action. They have, unfortunately, become exactly what the late former Admiral Lederer wrote in his book…a Nation of Sheep. And, as we’ve explained before, there are only three things you can do with sheep… shear them for their wool (tax the hell out of them)…carve them into lamb chops…and for the third, wear hip-boots (and our State Legislatures and our Congress all have plenty of those).

So to quote the Roman philosopher-emperor Marcus Aurelius: “it’s up to you!”. To be blunt about it, Dark Money isn’t the real problem…it’s the dead-wood Voters who are unwilling to confront it…who are.