(of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre kind?)

The events surrounding the disappearance of Mr. Kashoggi from his own country’s Consulate, in Istanbul, Turkey, are shrouded in the speculation and suspicion that it involved foul play. Was it really a case of murder most foul, of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre kind? We just don’t know, even though the circumstances strongly suggest it was.

The Turkish authorities claim to have evidence to support that supposition, which includes audio/visual recordings of the grisly process by which Mr. Kashoggi was terminated. Saudi authorities, for their part, haven’t said much to either deny or confirm such allegations, nor have they been very forthcoming in clarifying what really happened to him. First denying anything happened to him, and that he left of his own volition shortly after entering the Consulate. But now, after a strong hue and cry arose, they acknowledge he did indeed die on the Consulate’s premises, but only because an interrogation of him went terribly wrong.

Such an explanation raises more questions than it answers. In the first place, why was he subject to interrogation? Secondly, how could such an interrogation process “go terribly wrong”, unless extreme physical violence was involved with it? Lastly, the presence of what appears to have been some sort of hit squad specializing in what is euphemistically referred to as “wet work”, makes such official explanations dubious to say the least.

The thing we have to keep in mind here, however, is that power-elites all over the world (especially those with absolute power) have a long record of using -murder-, judicial or otherwise, as their preferred instrument to enforce and maintain their power. The Saudis are obviously no exception.

Whether such elites are an erstwhile royal family, upstart thugs from a successful military coup, or just anarchic revolutionaries using extreme ideology or religion as a weapon to achieve power, they all follow that same script. That is, dissent of any kind is not only not an option, but it is also equated with treason, and personal betrayal besides. Hence the usual viciousness of such murders.
In any event, based upon what has been revealed so far, this had to have been a very carefully planned operation requiring precise timing, and the necessary resources, to accomplish it. With such an extremely authoritarian regime, that could only have been organized and accomplished at the behest of the highest authority in the Kingdom.

This event is just one more sad and depressing example affirming the old adage that…absolute power…corrupts absolutely…and that absolute corruption…inevitably leads into the abyss of absolute moral decay.

Such is the record of our human history.