(as the unintended consequence of present-day actions)

The current punitive diplomatic and trade imbroglios with Russia and China are further evidence that the structure of the post-WWII world order, established to minimize ideological and other conflicts, and promote the concepts of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness on a global basis, is disintegrating and fragmenting apart.

There are a number of causative factors involved with that process. The strongest being that all the authoritarian concepts previously contained and submerged by that new world order structure, have once again erupted against the ideals representing that order; and, the two leading proponents of such authoritarianism are the present-day powers at the opposite fringes of the Eurasian land mass. That is, Russia and China.

While these have historically never been close, and even somewhat mistrustful and hostile towards each other, despite the fact that both derive their current political and societal structures from variants of a common Communist doctrine, one Marxist the other Maoist, given today’s realignment and shifting of geopolitical alliances and associations, such a historical background is no longer really pertinent.

What is pertinent, however, is that both have evolved the structures of their forms of governance into firm autocracy as represented by Mr. Putin in Moscow, and Mr. Xi in Beijing. Thus, faced with growing external contentions and opposition to the way they apply their respective authorities over their national structures, now that both have solidified their power positions over these, they are both in position to re-examine the potentials for developing a mutual “rapprochement” with each other (as they appear to have, given recent exchange of visits with each other). Given the extent of those external reactions against them such a development is therefor likely to accelerate, because there are several factors favoring closer and stronger ties between them from all that.

The first, and perhaps the strongest, is that both have complimentary economic reasons for doing so. Russia’s huge natural resources of oil and gas are those that China lacks to feed its energy needs and can be met with projected trans-Siberian pipelines. China’s well developed industrial and manufacturing capacities are what Russia lacks to supply its population’s great demands for cheap consumer goods. Adding to that, both have significant pools of matching technical skills and scientific talents to expand their cutting edge hi-tech capabilities for their mutual benefit. Lastly, and most importantly, their combined population densities almost guarantee’s a long term consumerist demand strong enough to keep both their economies in near perpetual motion…with little or no need for external trade exchanges or concerns to do so. In short, combined together, both would be as nearly self-sufficient as any two nations on Earth could hope to be.

The geopolitical power and influence arising from such a combination between Russia and China would be overwhelming. The most critical aspect of it being that both hold permanent seats on the UN Security Council, thereby enabling them to easily block any moves contrary to their collective interest; and, of course, their massive combined military and atomic capabilities which they could use as an additional blackmailing pressure against any opposition (making those of Iran and N. Korea insignificant by comparison).

Conceivably the ultimate outcome from such a rapprochement between them could be the complete integration of both societies, having a common lingua franca extracted from both their languages, with a new hybridized Eurasian combination formed from both populations, to create a new mega-power entity by the end of this 21st Century. An entity from such a complete integration of both which would stretch from the Oder to the Pacific, dominating over all of the other societies of Southwest and Southeast Asia, thus making it a geopolitical power against which no other geopolitical combinations could confront or obstruct.

The sheer mass of such a Eurasian mega-power would have the same gravitational pull effects here on Earth, as those which maintain the astrophysical world around it. In some respect it would resemble a black hole, inexorably drawing everything into its orbit to be engulfed into its mass.

These are the Orwellian dimensions of what could happen as the unintended consequences of present-day actions which may be moving us ever closer to such a future world of…Russinia.