(not headliners at the moment…but still trickling in among the newsfeeds of the day)

We’re adding these to our previous list of “profiles”, not so much because there’s much about them to report since they’re not headliners at the moment…but still trickling in among the newsfeeds of the day.

Euro Zone:
SPAIN: The zippers holding some of its parts together appear to be slowly giving way. Catalonia’s seems especially problematic. The ghosts of Ferdinand and Isabella may come to haunt them all because of it.
ITALY: Still there, draped in its Mediterranean sunshine, but its former dolce vita zest ain’t quite what it used to be, mostly because of all those boat people who keep washing up on its shores.
SWITZERLAND: Snuggly tucked in its Alpine crib it remains the broker–of-choice to the world at large, which it does with great discretion and always of course…at a profit.
CZECHS-SLOVKIA: More or less amicably divorced a while back, after both concluded they shouldn’t have been married in the first place; but, since theirs was a union “arranged” by others, nothing they could have done about it at that time. Now, they can remain friendly, Czechs providing strong commonsense values, Slovenes, mostly gorgeous females for billionaire sugar daddies.
GREECE: Much like Italy, it’s humanitarian instincts are getting rather stretched by all those folks seeking a safer place to roost. Grumbles about how its Turkish neighbors aren’t doing enough to stem that flood, from their side of the waterways between them. Besides, it just doesn’t have a lot of discretionary Drachmas available right now…for anything.
POLAND: Uncertain how it should dance the Tango…Left…Right…or straight down the Middle. Much probably depends on who’s going to play the music for it. It may just give up and go for the Fox-Trot instead.
BALTIC STATES: Feeling like three little orphans out on a limb, with a big bad Russian bear too damned close…for comfort. No one paying much attention to their unease.
BELARUSS: Historically always the shuttlecock in those hard badminton games between Poland and Russia, now days just wishes everyone would go away and leave it alone.
UKRAINE: Smack dab in the middle of Czar Vladimir’s gun sights, and trying to figure whether to run like hell, or re-join his entourage. Meanwhile, finds it difficult to learn how to speak NATO.

North Africa:.
LIBYA: Apparently replaced a dumbass know-it-all with a collective of dumbass know-it-alls.
SUDAN/S.SUDAN: Forcibly divorced because of racial and religious incompatibilities, which hasn’t done much for either of them. Sudan withdrawing into sullen indifference, while South Sudan dissolved into schitzoid fratricide.
SOMALIA:Still in the throes of gangland rumbles about…who knows what.

Latin America:
CUBA – Libre at last, libre at last…sorta. Now, touristas okay, but Yankee business maybe…someday…but not quite yet. As for Uncle Sam’s missing missile…quien sabe?
VENEZUELA: Struggling to clear out the political dregs left over from its oil cartel goon-ship days…but not doing it very well.
BRAZIL: Continues to engage in its perpetual samba between the very few haves and the great many have-nots. Its political “elites” maintain timeshare deals at its prison resorts so they can rotate as some come out, and others are coming in…with as little personal inconvenience as possible, all of that well-oiled by OPM (not their own if avoidable).

PHILIPPINES: Has a new President who equates – Tough Love – to mean – Deadly Force – when it applies to drug dealers and pushers. Some folks complain about that because he’s not very discriminating about to whom such tender mercies should be applied. Meanwhile, he operates on the presumption that all those monkeys have no tails…down there in Zamboanga.
VIETNAM: Once at great odds with the USA because its Uncle Ho felt betrayed by Uncle Sam, who didn’t keep promises made during WWII. Now reconciled, their heirs are slowly reweaving that relationship into some semblance of closeness by welcoming 5000 US Marines and Sailors for a bit of shore leave in Hanoi. Meanwhile, both keep a wary eye on what China’s Emperor Xi might have in mind for the region.
MALAYSIA-SINGAPORE-INDONESIA: The guardian triumvirate of the Malacca Straits from which all three draw profit, so they strongly defend freedom of those seas, and are prepared to oppose anyone who thinks otherwise. Still, a Red Dragon with oodles of cash is difficult to ignore, so some allowances may have to be made.

Well that’s the “profile” roster so far. We hope that those who haven’t shown up on it aren’t upset about that. It’s not a matter of ignoring them. It just means they’re fortunate enough not to need any spotlight to intrude upon their privacy…social media notwithstanding.