(when helping those who won’t help themselves)


We’ve been in Afghanistan for eight years now, and the Afghans have yet to show any significant efforts either politically, economically, or even militarily, to organize their society so as to sustain themselves as a viable nation-state….all on their own.


Meanwhile, we, and our NATO allies, have had to bear the burden of doing it for them, with the blood of our soldiers, and billions of our tax dollars (mostly ending up in their personal pockets, or, even worse, in the hands of our common Taliban enemies).


All of which just shows that the fallacy of good intentions, to help those who won’t help themselves, simply creates and encourages an attitude of dependence on outside help, rather than motivating those receiving such help to get off their collective buns….and begin fending for themselves.


So here we are, after all that time, effort, blood, and money, and they’re still bogged down in tribal mindsets, warlord/drug lord maneuverings, unable to face down a resurgence of Taliban thugery or, provide their people with an effective national government. 


We must therefore ask….what’s the point of it all, and what have all those good intentions of ours really accomplished? Not much….apparently.


We returned to Afghanistan eight years ago in reaction to the 9/11 assault against us, because the Taliban thug-run government there was aiding and sheltering Bin Laden and his al Qaeda co-conspirators of that event.


Besides demonstrating to the world of Islam at large that America’s military claws and fangs could rip them all to shreds any time….any where….when turned by such acts into an enraged and revenge-thirsty lion, it was also ripping out that much despised Taliban government, while most of the rest of the world applauded and cheered it on.


But then, in our typical American way, once the heat of anger and blood lust had cooled, and we’d mauled and mangled, and otherwise scattered what remained of the Taliban regime and its al Qaeda friends, we set about to show everyone that such an enraged lion could just as easily turn into a very friendly pussy cat, full of good intentions (with lots of money besides), ready to rebuild what it had knocked down, and otherwise help bind up the wounds from its actions there.


Unfortunately these humanitarian instincts and do-good intentions of ours, much as has happened in Iraq, became cluttered up and entangled with our missionary complex to spread the benefits of our “democratic way” to a society which has never known it….or understood how to practice it. Thus, as time has moved on, our efforts have not only been un-appreciated, they’ve become resented as well. Worse yet, we’ve now come to be looked upon as just another idiot cash cow, to be bilked, milked, and otherwise conned out of as much of our wealth as can be got….for as long as possible, all the while slowly siphoning away the blood of the best of our youths besides.


It’s time to face reality, and call a halt to such a misguided adventure, telling our erstwhile hosts – We’ve done everything humanly possible to help you get back on your feet, spilling the blood of our soldiers for you, and letting you pick our pockets as well, while you’ve done nothing to help yourselves. We’re out of here….and you’re now on your own – .


Well, to those who continue to object to that idea, telling us –NOW- is not the time to withdraw and leave them to their fate, our only response is – if this is not the time to do so, when, then, will it be ….the right time?