(lost in DC)


The Nobel Peace prize to President Obama is further proof that this award, much like the US Dollar, is becoming steadily devalued. As Garrison Keiller might say…. welcome….to Lake Woebegone, where everyone is….above average!


The apparent criteria for awarding it now seem to be based not on actual accomplishment, but only on the promise of accomplishment. Thus, all one needs to convince the Committee one does merit such an accolade are oratorical skills; and, the performing style and fervor of an evangelical preacher-man, to convince it that such a promise is worth more than actual….outcome.


Peace, Peace….but where is the “Peace”? It certainly isn’t in Palestine, where both the Israelis and the Palestinians continue with their mutual sixty-year-long fraticidal conflict. It isn’t in either Iraq or Afghanistan where, despite eight plus years of effort on our part, they continue to murder each other, and have yet to establish any kind of viable national state. It most certainly isn’t anywhere in Pakistan, or Iran, where the extremes of theocracy only promote the eternal peace….of a grave, and,  it is still not visible among the never ending tribal squabbles and slaughters of darkest Africa. Nor is “peace” evident either with the fifty year old thug regime in Rangoon, or, to be found under the nut-mutt “dear leader” of North Korea.


What “peace”, then, were they thinking about? Certainly not “peace” among the career politicos and the partisan party dipsticks in Washington, DC!


Well, my guess is that they were either smoking some of that San Francisco Haight-Ashbury weed, or, were so relieved that we, the American people, had finally managed to elect a different kind of leader….who’s motivational and inspirational rhetorical skills were so powerful that….yes they could, yes they could….and so… they did!


Our only consolation about it all should be this: Even if any of us have yet to accomplish much of anything…. we too might win such an award because… Yes….we can! Yes….we can! Yes….we can!