(and better help the medicine go down)

For some reason, whenever this nation is faced with some kind of national crisis, or problems, all our elected officials from the President on down, including that herd of bovine intellects we call ….CONGRESS….stampede themselves into coming up with solutions, for such crises or problems, having Byzantine convolutions and complexities.

They just seem incapable of considering that: a) Ideology must never be allowed to over ride common sense when trying to solve such problems, and, b) Just a little….K.I.S.S….can go a long way towards solving them (and better help the medicine go down, besides).

Our present situation is a perfect example of it. Between their multi-trillion bailout and stimulus plans, their energy plans, their war plans, against this, that, and everything else, and now health care reform, etc., few of us taxpaying voters have a chance in hell of understanding any part of such efforts, or, to reach an informed opinion about them so as to be able to evaluate their relative merits and probability of success.

To those who may subscribe to the conspiracy school of career politicos’ theory-of-governance, this may all be sufficient proof for them that, when faced with such crises and issues, career politicos simply go for dazzling everyone with BS….instead of factual reality,  leaving we taxpayers scratching our heads, to ponder much like a former Hindu friend (who lost a bundle in a stock market deal): “Goodness gracious….I invested for some increment, but all I’ve gotten is excrement….indubitably!”

At the risk of being accused of suffering from some form of senility and loss of mental acuity, here are my K.I.S.S. solutions for some of these same problems. That is, anything that can help reduce the extent to which government’s sticky fingers can be extracted from our economic machinery ….can only help. So here they are:

  1. 1)Immediately enact a 10% reduction on all existing tax rates, across the board, on income, business, gains, imports, etc., for the remaining three years of this administration. Doing so, would energize and stimulate the roots of our economic tree, like nothing else could.
  2. 2)Reduce all pay and allowances by 10% for the President, all Cabinet Secretaries, and all members of Congress, for the same period of time. That’s “their fair share’ of belt-tightening, like they’ve asked us to do. Why should they live fat when the rest of us have to eat…lean cuisine?                                                                                                                       
  3. 3)Arbitrarily whack 10%, right off the top, from the next three fiscal years’ budgets. That’s not much, but it will be 10% less that they’ll be able to piss away on some of their other flimflam projects. All of that might not do a lot towards getting us back onto some kind of steady economic track, but at least it should help to inch down our deficits, and thus….our national debt.

Well, that’s my K.I.S.S. contribution to the cause. And for those of you who might be wondering why I’m not the one sitting in that Oval Office today, it’s very simple. Mamas don’t raise no fools in Missouri, I let the other guy win….because I knew what was coming!