(with smoke and mirrors)

The Democrat-controlled House finally managed to cobble together a sufficient majority of its own party to pass what they call a Health Care “Reform” bill. A bit of legislation of such complexities it required almost two thousand pages (4 reams) of paper, and projected to cost some $1.2 trillion over the next ten years.

It remains to be seen how much real “reform” any of us will get from it. As far as we can figure at this moment, however, it doesn’t address the fundamental problem with health care in this country….cost….and affordability. We ordinary taxpayers will have to plow through all that verbiage they’ve produced here, before we can begin to see if they really did….or not.

Such are the way our career politicos keep campaign promises….with smoke and mirrors.

Of course, the whole thing now goes forward to the Senate, and there, we’re likely to see further tinkering and cobbling together of other formulas, additions, deletions, modifications, and other slight-of-hand maneuvers, to come up with some kind of version of its own, before that entire hodge-podge of legislation receives its ultimate “refinement” in a joint conference between their two chambers to achieve their final, final, final, output, to be sent to the President for signature….to become the newest law of the land.

At which point the Democrats will then be able to truly crow about how they accomplished what no one else ever could….and all by their lonesome besides….without Republican support….and just in time for the 2010 mid-term elections next November.

Meanwhile, we taxpayers will still be trying to decipher it all, and how it may actually apply to us individually, and still trying to figure out….just exactly how and where there might be any cost savings in it for us. Odds are….there won’t be. 

So they have managed to keep that campaign promise. They did pass a health care reform bill. But they didn’t promise us it would be an improvement over what we have today. Hmmmm….the President did promise, however, that it wouldn’t cost us more, or add another load to the budget and deficits, because it would pay for itself, etc., etc..

Well, half of what was promised….is better than nothing….I suppose.

As for the Republicans, they seem to have completely disappeared from the scene. Unable to contribute anything worth debating about on the subject, they appear to have opted out. Which leaves us stuck, not with the good, but only the bad and the ugly. For all practical purposes….a single party system. 

Lord help us all!