(presupposes some kind of brain power to do so)

In this day and age of euphemistic language to avoid any kind of controversy, the concept of “intelligent design” has been an effort to bridge the gap between those who believe in “creation”, and, those who adhere to “evolution”, as the explanation for our existence in this universe.

Frankly, a phrase such as “intelligent design” was a very poor, limp-biscuit, choice to try and bridge that divide. One might even consider it an oxymoronic label for such a serious philosophical and theological debate. Let’s face it….there’s just so much around us as evidence against it. Not so much about the cosmos surrounding our tiny spec of rock we call –Earth – , for that is, indeed, a breathtaking display, suggesting something more than random chance for its origin. No, the evidence against “intelligent design” should more properly be applied to conditions down here on our less than firma terra.

To claim “intelligent design” presupposes some kind of brain power to….do so. Even a cursory survey of our species’ history shows that we human critters have not much of either, with a few and rare exceptions.

Perhaps the greatest of these exceptions were the founders of our republic. After four long years of conflict (a touch-and-go one at that) to achieve independence, it then took another eight long years of squabbling to figure out how thirteen former colonies would be able to live with each other, after having rid themselves of the British. What they came up with was, indeed, an intelligent design for government called – The Constitution -, a carefully crafted and masterful design elegantly combining a most delicate and dynamic balance between individual and collective rights. And it all came about because of the combined grand brain power of the likes of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, Monroe, Franklin, and others. There have been few other moments in human history to match it. It seems to have been unique, a momentary aberration in an otherwise unintelligent and un-designed continuum in our species’ existence.

Since that moment, however, the law of physics (for every action there is a reaction) seems to have been working overtime. Rather than continuing with either more “creation” or “evolution”, what we have today is mostly a case of “devolution”….if not “dis-creation”, with little evidence of either “intelligence” or “design” being involved.

The chief example of that being our glorious….Congress! An organism established by that former grand collection of brain power, but now, vastly gone to seed, unable to intelligently design…. anything….be it about taxes and spending, war and peace, immigration reform, health care reform, or anything else.

Well, perhaps this little bit of doggerel (from an unpublished collection called….Songs For Armageddon) will summarize things best:

“No fires, no floods, or other wrack,

  May come to be our fate.

  Nor may some giant bollide from space

 Wipe out this most un-human race.

 We’ll just spin off on a wild and looney track,

 Right through some Orwellian pearly gate,

 To find, when we stop to set a spell,

 There are no meadowlarks in our own-created hell.”