(…when no one cares about you…anymore?)

The entertainment and pop-culture world has a long history of having many of its inhabitants acting out in strange and often self-destructive ways…especially where it concerns its younger set.

So the latest Bieber escapade in Florida is nothing particularly surprising. It’s just one more example, in a long, long, line of examples, about how that pop-culture world can completely distort reality for some of its parvenus who, by carefully calculated promotional PR hype can leverage a meager amount of talent…into a tsunami wave of sudden wealth and mindless adulation, by which almost any personal whim is lavishly catered and pandered to with little or no limits imposed by a surrounding gaggle of enablers and sycophants…agents, go-fers, publicists, body guards, etc.

In short…a “celebrititis” virus attacks their minds and they begin to believe in their own hype, convinced they are above and beyond any of the constraints normally applied to mere mortals, that is…everyone else.

Sooner or later, however, they learn the hard way that doing the wild-child thing in the fast lane can’t and doesn’t last forever, finding themselves roughly hauled up short either in court, in rehab, or even…in the morgue…and forgotten like yesterday’s news. At which point, perhaps they may consider that old theme song…bad boy, bad boy, whatcha gonna do…when no one cares about you…anymore?

In some ways these –wunderkinder- aren’t really the issue. It just seems to be more a matter that our entire society has fallen under the spell of the “celebrity cult”, and by which one’s socio-economic progress up the mobility ladder is measured. Whether by accomplishment, talent, chicanery, notoriety, it really doesn’t matter, as long as it achieves even only momentary “celebrity”, that is the new “normal” yardstick by which the American dream is measured today.

If you’re not there…you’re nowhere.