(…equivalent to a high crime and misdemeanor…)

If any taxpayer is still under the illusion that the members of both parties in our glorious Congress are there to do the best they can on our behalf…its recent agreement to raise the national debt ceiling once again, with barely a whimper from anyone…should hopefully disabuse him of that illusion.

Raising the debt ceiling again, just goes to show that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans can be trusted to play it straight with the taxpaying voters of this country. What Congress has just done is a…doublecross…equivalent to a high crime and misdemeanor. No matter how they try to explain it that’s what it boils down to. Both parties are equally guilty in this case. The Democrats…for their complete irresponsibility for not making any effort to curb spending… just to suit their political agendas. The Republicans… for their lack of political cojones…to raise any serious objections about it, again, preferring this time to turn a wimpish cheek instead for purely political motivations,

They are both…political losers… because neither is making any effort to face the real issue, which is, coming up with a meaningful systemic overhaul of our revenue generating means, reforming our budgetary processes, and, finally, combining it all in a way that will control costs and spending, reduce our borrowing needs, and progressively reduce our national debt load down to a healthier debt/GDP ratio than we have now. None of that has anything to do with being liberal or conservative. It’s simply just basic fiscal common sense…nothing else.

Where all our politicos fail is because they don’t argue or present proposals to the taxpaying voters about how all of these elements are necessary to put our fiscal house back in order, and thus provide the certainty imperative if we want to see our economic machinery really crank up and be at the growth levels it should be.  Its current anemic performance is a direct reflection of that failure.

Frankly, we taxpaying voters are the real losers here because we’ve become too complacent and conditioned to accept whatever this collective caste of career office seekers choose to do with the money they pick from our pockets. Too many voters blindly accept whatever smoke their party blows in their ear to bother asking any critical questions about whatever flim-flam rationales they’re fed…because the party line just blinds them and dulls their senses too much for them to do so (besides…it’s more comfortable than risk becoming tagged as a pain in the rear, by asking such questions).

The reality, and a harsh reality it is, is that Congress will continue to betray our trust with its irresponsible fiscal mismanagement culture, so long as we remain meekly docile about it. It’s not a question of being either liberal or conservative, a Democrat, a Republican, or a Tea Party firebrand,  but about demanding that our political leadership at least display some common sense about making an attempt at coming up with a more rational system to rebalance our debt-to-GDP condition…instead of misdirecting our attention on single-issue items.

There’s a limit to how high you can raise a drawbridge…if you never make any attempt to lower the water. Sooner or later something has to give.