(…allowing for decorous displays of rampant nationalism)

The Winter Olympics, at Sochi, in Russia, don’t seem to be generating a lot of excitement, at least so far.

The biggest surprise about it all has been the balmy, almost spring-like weather there,           calling for Bermuda shorts, Hawaiian, and even T- shirts instead of fur-lined parkas and mukluks, as almost de-rigeur for the spectators, and even for some of the competing athletes as well.

 Well, almost, but it was an odd choice of venue to make for these events. After all, that region is Russia’s equivalent of the Riviera. Then again, since Czar Vladimir picked it, who was going to argue about it with him…especially when the cost for preparing the site would reach a hefty $8 Billion or so (and lining a lot of private pockets in the process…no doubt)?

One thing we can say about having a strong autocratic hand at the helm of erstwhile democratic governance, however, is that it provides for almost absolute security against any nut jobs who might want to spoil the party. And for that we should all be grateful.

About the only thing of real interest here, we might add, is how these Olympic events seem to allow decorous displays of rampant nationalism…without any of its less desirable side effects. Since it’s all done in the name of sport…extreme forms of cheering for the home team are allowable. Of course there will still be a closing tally about who managed to accumulate the most gold, silver, or bronze medals in bragging rights…in the process…but why quibble.

Well, keep on luge-ing, or bob-sledding on, as they say.

CENTURIONCartoon Annex - Issue No. 16 - Feb 2014