(…and more icons keep fading away)

Looking back on a road past-travelled (the track of which was perhaps not as well-focused as it could have been), I’m often amazed to find myself still compus mentus and otherwise functioning…while time marches on… and more icons keep fading away… leaving me to carry on.

Two icons of the entertainment world recently passed away. Shirley (Temple) Black, America’s original little sweetheart, is one of them. I suspect few today remember much about her, beyond the fact that she was a famed child star, who managed to somehow survive and overcome all that to become a respected diplomat, wife, and mother. My younger sister was one of her adoring fans (as was my mother). Me…not so much. Call it early onset of male chauvinism, because I was into the likes of Tom Mix, Tarzan, and the Lone Ranger. Cute little girls, with blonde curls, sweetly dimpled smiles, who sang about lollipops, and tap-danced with the likes of Bo Jangles…were okay…but nothing to go nuts about in my book. Still, I have to admit she had her appeal.

And then there is the comic genius of all comic geniuses…Sid Ceasar. Without him, nighttime television would never have existed, much less survived. While some might think his brand of comedy was manic, it always made its point in ways more subtle than obvious. But his greatest accomplishment for this genre was the way his brand, conception, and style, of comic performance, brought in and inspired a host of other talents along the way, creating a seemingly unending supply of “rofls”, before – ROFL- became a part of the digital world’s lexicon, and with many of those talents becoming household names in their own right.

Meanwhile, if you happen to look away from your TV screen, or up from your iPad, or whatever, and spot what looks like the only tall (and somewhat weather beaten) lonesome pine out there on the side of that hill over yonder…you’ll know it’s me…’cause time seems to have clear-cut most of the rest of them.

Sometimes you can start feeling downright conspicuous when you’re…antique!