(some… are just more unequal than others…)

Our career politicos are at it again, playing the class warfare card for all it’s worth, hoping to distract us from the fact that they’re not doing their jobs, which is, making a real effort to re-calibrate, and re-structure, our socio-economic matrix to be what  it should be.

So they hoot and holler about the “inequality gap”…knowing full well that whatever dimensions that “gap” might have came about because of their unconcern about it. Besides, when it comes to inequality…they enjoy perks and privileges none of the rest of us…will ever  see. It’s a specious argument because – inequality- is nothing new for us. It’s been around since before our War of Independence and the creation of this republic of ours. In fact, the Founders themselves were not exactly from the poor side of the tracks, most being what we today consider the – 1%- holders of wealth.

So…where’s the beef? Everyone is unequal…some…are just more unequal than others. The problem is we’re being conned into believing that equal opportunity…should guarantee equal outcome. That’s not reality. At a track meet all the participants have an equal opportunity to participate…but not all end up winning their races. Someone comes in first, another second, and even a third, the rest of the field…zilch…beyond having had that opportunity compete…and run.

There’s no question that some of today’s corporate big wigs are being given obscene levels of compensation…for less than stellar “performance”, but, from any perspective, that’s really something for their companies to determine…not by the vox populi…and certainly not by any of our career politicos, who are experts at manipulating things to make them more equal for themselves…than for us.

 If you don’t believe that, consider this…you donate $100 to some career office seeker’s election campaign, but someone else donates $10,000 to his campaign. After he’s in office, both of you have a problem you want him to help with, and both of you show up at his offices at the same time, on the same day, to get his ear about your problem or need. Guess who gets priority of attention…you with your piss-ant $100 donation… or the other guy with his $10,000 donation? That, my friends, is the true definition of  “inequality”.

Well, my pot may be barely big enough to pee in…but it’s my pot…if someone else has a pot bigger than mine…I don’t begrudge them that. This is America, after all, and whether the size of your pot comes from skill, talent, chicanery, inheritance, or just plain dumb luck, as long as we each own our own. That’s…equality.