(…we can’t help but wonder if we should seek asylum…on Mars)

The seemingly endless tornadoes of extreme events all over this planet of ours, reminds us of an old Kingston Trio recording about…mushroom-shaped clouds…and all of us being blown away.

To paraphrase their lyrics about those times…they’re now rioting in Venezuela, with the Ukraine and Thailand doing the same…England is half under water…and California needs rain. Central Africa, the South Sudan, and Syria, keep on slaughtering their own, while Egypt’s still learning how to spell…democratic…as the Pakistanis are becoming frantic, because the Afghanis and Iraqis are reverting to being explosively…insane…amd all those peace conferences and talks in Switzerland…continue in vain.

Or so it seems…in this distempered world of ours, and we can’t help but wonder if we should seek asylum…on Mars. Assuming, of course, that those little green folks there would even risk allowing the likes of us to come and infect them with our – distemper – on top of whatever kind they may have of their own.

Well, it was just a thought…but…as we look up at that starry, starry night, we can’t help but sigh…where the hell are all those UFO’s when we could use them…to try to hitchhike ourselves out of here?

ET…you ingrate…where are you!