(…sayeth the Supreme Court…sorta)

The Supreme Court recently ruled that a small town council up in New York, which has had a long standing tradition of opening its sessions with a prayer, can continue with its practice, on the grounds that it is more ceremonial than anything else (even though such invocations are generally conducted by mostly Christian clergymen).

Dana Carvey’s –Church Lady – must be so pleased.

Meanwhile, prayer in school is still verboten because that’s not “ceremonial”, but Congress with its traditional opening rituals of invocations and closing benedictions at its sessions… is. Go figure!

Personally, I really don’t see why an opening prayer by public officials, as they prepare to do some work, should be a problem for anyone. Given the way so many of our local, state, and federal officials have been acting lately, we taxpayers can use all the help we can get for them. If a little bit of prayerful mumbo-jumbo might keep them all on the right track while they decide how else they can further scramble our lives, I’m amenable to it.

Ah, yes, opening with a prayer is okay…sayeth the Supreme Court…sorta, but maybe the only prayer any of us taxpayers should really want invoked whenever one of those legislative bodies opens up a session is…Lord Help Us All!