(…between their stars of yesteryear…)

Nostalgia hung as heavily as the usual fog for the occasion as the Niners and the Dolphins went at it for a last blowout at the Candlestick Corral…between their stars of yesteryear.

For a farewell send-off for the upcoming demise of the old -Stick- as a meaningful sports venue it was astonishing to see nearly 40,000 fans pay good money to show up for it; but, then again, with such a historic gathering of football greats…who in the Bay Area and elsewhere could resist the opportunity? Besides, it was all for the benefit of a good cause.

Unfortunately, since there was no profit to be gleaned from that for the corporate moguls of broadcast television, only those who able to be physically present there got to see how well all their old heroes of the game could still perform…even though most were well into their middle years, and some, well beyond them besides.

Thus, while it didn’t turn into an absolute “blowout”, the high score ending of 45-40 in favor of the Niners matched anything either team had ever reached, even in a Super Bowl contest. Not bad for a collection of antique pro-bowlers who showed they could still fire off a mean rocket pass, or, zip over the turf for modest yardage gains…all without incurring either elbow strains or…groin injuries.

It just goes to show old footballers don’t fade away…they just keep on…keeping on.