(…leading to the human tragedy of some three hundred people dying…for no good reason)

The destruction of the Malaysian airliner as it passed at high altitude over the Ukraine is the result of a long trail of an insanity of errors…leading to the human tragedy of some three hundred people dying…for no good reason.

There are no clean hands in this tragic affair.. Not with the EU, not with Russia, and certainly not with either of the warring parties in the Ukraine. They’ve all contributed to its inevitability. Yet, regardless of all that, there is really no excuse or defense for causing such carnage. It can only be called mass murder, and those who committed it must be pursued and put down, much as one might do with any rabid dogs.

Any idiots in the civilized world should be able to understand, from whatever radar display at hand, that any aircraft of that configuration and size, travelling at that high an altitude along a non-deviating or non-hostile trajectory above them, cannot be a military one, thus fair game to be deliberately targeted and brought down by surface to air missiles. Those who ordered the firing of such a missile at that Malaysian Airline aircraft cold-bloodedly ignored such considerations, simply to show they had the means and the will to shoot at anything that passed through the air above them. To suggest it could have been “accidental”, as some are, is an insult to our intelligence.

Unfortunately, any kind of impartial and fully competent investigation to properly determine how and why such a criminal act occurred is not very likely. The debris field has already been disgustingly scavenged and contaminated, and neither the central Ukrainian authorities, the dissidents involved, nor the Russian authorities, can be trusted not to try and muddle any remaining evidence so as to fix the blame on someone else besides themselves. Because all three have their own agendas to protect, allowing any of them to be involved with such an investigation would have to be considered a conflict-of-interest situation.

Since it’s now too late to do anything useful about that, the only thing that can be done is for the international community to immediately impose an air travel and landing rights ban on both the Ukraine and Russia, until such time as both resolve their dispute, and a definitive and believable investigation of this miserable affair has been concluded, one of the key results to be required from that being…a positive identification of those directly responsible for this criminal act. An act which can only be categorized as…a war crime…to be ultimately prosecuted accordingly.