(…leaving Napa with ninety-nine thousand bottles of wine…on the floor)

Two nights ago Napa got hit with a 6.0 seismic jolt, right at the peak of its tourist and grape harvesting season. Compared to other such events, when the state shakes, rattles, and rolls, this one, left Napa with ninety-nine thousand bottles of wine on the floor…so to speak.

Fortunately, no lives have been reported lost, although several hundred folks were injured from falling objects and debris, some seriously enough to be taken to hospital. Still, there was serious damage to many buildings and structures, a number burning down entirely, leaving many structurally unsafe, thus unusable. Meanwhile, thousands have been left without power or water, until the impacts on those infrastructures have been repaired.

In short, the immediate vicinity of the epicenter of this event…is a mess…enough to be declared a disaster area by the Governor.

The jolt was strong enough to send ripple effects over to Vallejo, causing some damages there also, and even further on to be slightly felt in San Francisco (causing our bed to jiggle once or twice in the wee small hours of the night, which, much to her annoyance, woke up the wife from a sound sleep thinking it was just me trying to be…er…frisky).

It just goes to show, if you plan to live in California, you need to understand how it works. That is…you get rain and mudslides in winter, firestorms in summer, and quakes… anytime in between.