(… so…eat your heart out…Hollywood!)

The recent summit conference in China was a Beijing power-point extravaganza rivaling anything seen in those multitudes of award “shows” we have over here…so…eat your heart out…Hollywood…that mob over there really knows how to do that red carpet thing!

Putting the glamour, pomp, and circumstance aside, however, that gathering had all the hallmarks of a major “sit-down” between the top Dons of the syndicate’s “famiglias”, to thrash out issues of zones of influence and turf. Among the key players there, besides the hosting Godfather Ping, of course, were Uncle ‘Bama and Don “Tzar” Vladimir, who carefully avoided any public displays of incivility toward each other, playing it cooth and cool, even though both have enough contentions between them to start a rumble. But one of the more curious aspects of this gathering was the absence of Beijing’s number one Capo Regime…Don “Chubby” Il, of North Korea. Seems he wasn’t even on the invitation list…perhaps out of favor?

Well, a number of grand pronouncements were made at the end of this meet, the main one being a joint declaration by both Don Ping and Don ‘Bama that they were taking major action against global warming emissions…so everyone else better pay attention…or else (kinda), as Don Ping proudly displayed all kinds of super-whammy arms hardware to emphasize the point, to show that Don ‘Bama wasn’t the only one around with the means to enforce whatever rules they had in mind for all that.

All of which reminds us how that old Chicago proverb put it, many years ago: “When Dons decide to meet…Consiglieri get antsy…Capos and soldiers…head for cover.”