(…so how come all we can ever get for it is…the whole bird?)

At the risk of being considered just another grumpy old Scrooge, on what is supposed to be the main occasion of the year for us to gather with family and friends to feast and share our thanks for the blessings we actually have, I do have a gripe about it, a serious one.

Over the years – Thanksgiving – has morphed from being an American folk festival commemorating the Pilgrims’ first successful harvest in the New World (after nearly starving to death for a couple of years before they became acclimated and learned how to grow things in its environment), into today’s extremely commercialized kickoff for the holiday season which follows it.

While we still maintain most of that earlier tradition of gathering family and friends to gorge and stuff ourselves silly for the occasion, all of that is overlaid now by a frenzied marketing event called – Black Friday -. A day of stampeding hordes of “shoppers” eagerly egged on by every merchandiser in sight to spend…spend…spend…in an orgy of crass materialism.

Granted, all that may be good for our economy, but, I have a very serious beef (if you’ll excuse the expression) with the poultry industry. Frankly, its marketers are missing the boat here because they’re completely ignoring how the matrix of our society has changed. Many don’t have either the place or a large gathering of family and friends to celebrate the occasion because most of us are now part of a multitude of urban dwellers, living in modest apartments, with only ourselves or a significant other to share things like that, making getting just enough fixings for one or two people nearly impossible. So, when it comes Thanksgiving…how come all we can get for it is…the whole bird…but none of its parts?!

Any day of the year you can get separate chicken parts…from the neck to the “Pope’s Nose”, but for separate turkey parts…fergetaboutit! You really have to hunt around to find a market offering turkey necks, breasts, drumsticks, thighs, wings, etc. Why not the same for turkey as with chicken?

So listen up all you poultry growers, you’re missing out on a potentially very profitable market niche with all those urban dwellers. In today’s world, not everyone can handle a whole damned bird. A nice couple of its parts (like a pair of thighs) are all that’s needed to have a nice cozy-at-home meal for the occasion.

It’s the 21st Century, for Pete’s sake…get with it!