(…have no fear to tread…en deshabille)

When it comes to creating new ways to market and promote things that they sell, the merchandisers of women’s lingerie have come a long way…baby…in the past hundred years.

At the turn of the 19th into the 20th Century, such things were euphemistically described as “unmentionables” (since these were less than enticing baggy bloomer things, I can understand that designation). Combined with whale-boned, laced-up corsets, to create wasp-shaped waists, and, a puff ball sized bustle pad atop their gluteus maximus areas to have posterior forms that would rival any Kardashian silhouette. All of that carefully concealed of course, under layers of linen, lace and taffetas, to keep men folk guessing and wondering…what “treasures” might be hidden therein. The emphasis was on the mystique of femininity…back then. That is, the less revealed…the more enticing…such were the mores of those times.

A quarter century later all of that was gone. The roaring 20’s brought on the concept of the “tease”, with clingy silks and satins flowing loosely, suggesting, yet not revealing, the female form below. They were all the rage…along with “undies” to match. All of which allowed enticing glimpses of leg and uninhibited styles of “décolletage” besides. So, yes, there were good reasons to “roar” about it all…in that era.

Then there came the 60s, with their thigh-flashing mini and micro mini-skirts, not to mention see-through fishnet tops, trumpeting the “sexual revolution”…by letting it all…hang out…if not…loose. Playboys, and hustlers, not to mention lounge lizard types, thus happily gorged on that revolution’s pursuit of happiness buffet, only to find that having such keys to a candy store, so to speak, with as few virgins as there were unicorns, there just wasn’t any “mystique” to it, and soon, it all became somewhat of a bore.

It took a while but then ultimately someone figured out how to overcome that “boredom” by combining “revelation” with “mystique”…calling it…Victoria’s Secret. It was a simple enough formula… minimalism…in terms of materials covering any essential parts of female anatomy…as the ultimate expression of the …less is more…concept, which apparently seems to be enduring to this day. If you want proof of that, then here it is: The recent modeling extravaganza held in New York, and televised to the rest of the world, presented a grand finale for it with something called…. Victoria’s Angels…with no fear to tread…en deshabille…while wearing outsized wings having more baubles, bangles, and beads…than anything draped anywhere on their forms.