(…presented as a revivalist prayer meeting under the Capitol Dome…instead of a tent)

We’ve lived through a lot of state-of-the-union addresses by many presidents. Some were worth listening and paying attention to…most…no so much.

President Obama’s latest performance of that genre was impressive, not so much for its substance as for its mastery of the art of demagoguery, with all its emotional incitements presented as a revivalist prayer meeting…under the Capitol Dome…instead of a tent. From that perspective it was a good speech, smoothly formed and certain, highlighting where we’ve been…and where he believes we should be headed, cannily injecting real live people to share his spotlight, as examples of what could result from such a heading if we do.

But let us not cavil about his performance, it’s what presidents are expected to do on these occasions…to be part inspirational, part motivational, and this one is very good at doing that. Besides, his ability to paint evocative and emotionally appealing word-pictures is what got him elected in the first place. He just showed us he hasn’t lost his touch, even after six years in office. But the best thing that might derive from his artful performance is the impression it must make on a lot of other world leaders, many of whom could probably learn a PR thing or two from it. By comparison most of their presentations (for those who go through the motions of allowing this kind of ritual), are about as inspiring and motivating as the barking of a hard-ass DI rousting a bunch of recruits.

As for the traditional Republican “response” which followed, what can we say beyond…it was a somewhat mawkish and pale imitation of the real thing, by a smiley-faced lady legislator trying very hard to evoke a similar emotional connection with us, the tax-paying voters. To be kind…she at least deserved an -E-…for effort.

Still, the overall impression here is that both these crews of career politicos (after last Fall’s deadlock which narrowly avoided driving the country over the brink) have come to realize that some semblance of -bi-partisanship- while debating how to best resolve the pile of issues that need to be taken care of, is preferable to any displays of open political warfare. Besides…it’s a mid-term election year…so making-nice is the only sensible option for keeping their blindly “loyalist” followers in their respective party corrals.

To sum up…it’s still a political duopoly world here in America…and it ain’t about to change any time soon.

God Bless them All…and God Bless these United States of American!