(means moving forward briskly – lest the past gain on us)

If nothing else, this midterm election has shown that when the American electorate gets riled up – career politicos can, and do, find themselves unemployed, replaced either by insurgent neophytes to the political arena; or, by those politicos who were quick and clever enough to have changed their spots, to keep themselves feeding at the trough of “public service.”

Whether that’s a good thing, or not, is hard to say. The way things are, the neophytes might not do any better for us, but, they certainly can’t do any worse. As for those politicos claiming to have changed their spots, they’re still leopards, so we can only hope such a political shake up will have convinced them to really change their usual ways as well. Of course, that’s a long shot. We’ll just have to wait and see if they really have.

The hard reality we face today is that there are no quickie fixes for our many problems…. jobs, taxes, deficit spending, a humongous debt load, home foreclosures, a devalued dollar (almost on life support), all combined with meager economic growth, etc..  All of these issues are interconnected. It will take considered and carefully thought out measures just to begin resolving them. Knee-jerk reactions that might stampede us in the wrong directions, in the wrong way….just won’t cut it.  So clearly, let’s hope that all those we’ve now put into office are people who will focus on doing what’s right for the country as a whole, rather than for any particular interest.

That’s a tall order, and we shouldn’t be naïve or delude ourselves that they’ll live up to our expectations. Neophytes or old hands….they’re all still political animals.

Well, it’s one hell of a load of manure we’ve allowed to pile up in this American barn of ours, so let’s just watch and see how they go about cleaning it out.

Meanwhile, let’s keep our own pitchforks handy, just in case we need to remind them again…in 2012.