(but it takes political guts to do….something)

Our recent – Second American Revolution – may have altered the political landscape, and rattled the cages of many career politicos in both of the major parties; but, from the hot air rhetoric now being exhaled by these back in Washington, any expectations that we tax-paying voters might have had that such a revolution was going to create some real change there….are rapidly dimming.

Like all losers in an election battle, especially when they really get a “shellacking” like this one, the Democrats are now crying in their political beers, and whining about the need for bi-partisanship to solve our country’s problems. Last time…it was the Republicans doing the same moaning. One might call it political – kharma – I suppose.

On the other hand, the Republicans, flush from their election victories aren’t saying much of anything meaningful about anything….and doing even less, beyond licking their political chops in anticipation of ripping as much of the Obama agenda to shreds as possible.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are left still sucking eggs, and wondering if anything will ever be right again. So much for “revolution”.

So what were we expecting to happen from this last political donnybrook? Actually, not much, only, at least, we did want some reasonable token efforts to set us back on a decently forward path, such as:

  • In a momentary bout of leadership-by-example, we thought they might announce a collective agreement to call for a 10% cut in compensation for everyone in the Federal structure for the next two years. That is, starting from the President, all Cabinet members, all Agency heads, and all members of Congress, plus all the rank and file of the aparatnik bureaucracy as well. Instead, they are making further moves to go in the opposite direction, seeking further increases above and beyond what they’ve already received from us. 
  • That they would quietly, without further debate or argument, extend the current tax rates for another two years. Instead, they are indulging in their usual class warfare debates about who deserves them or not. 
  • As a token of their “serious concerns” about our deficit spending and ever increasing national debt loads, propose that every fiscal year budget for the same two years would have a 15% across the board cut, right off the top.


While the cumulative impacts of such bi-partisan action might only provide modest forward reduction effects on our deficit spending habits and the national debt, it would demonstrate to both we taxpayers here at home, and to the rest of the world at large, that America was making a positive effort, having finally displayed real political – leadership-, and our country was now heading in a good direction. A few baby steps, to be sure, but at least they would be forward baby steps. As the old financial adage puts it that would be – cash now, money later.

All of which would do much to restore confidence with business and industry, providing a better certitude about the near term future. In turn, that would further motivate these sectors to consider expanding and hiring again, thereby beginning a trend that would slowly reduce the currently unacceptable level of unemployment.

Lastly, of course, we should not forget all those empty promises made back in’06 and ’08 that our troops would be out of both Iraq and Afghanistan, and all brought home. Those promises have not only not been kept they have been largely abandoned. Many of those troops now seem doomed to remain in both places for some time to come, at a continuing cost in the blood of our finest youths, and billion dollar drains on our treasury. So, instead, perhaps now is the time to tell both of them – We’ve done everything possible to help you get back on your feet, but for the past nine years, you’ve just picked out pockets, while our troops did the dying for you, and neither of you have ever gotten your acts together. Now, shape up, quit playing games with us, or we’re out of here….tomorrow. You and the Taliban and al Queda all deserve each other…or words to that effect.

Which leaves us with a big question. Do any of us really believe that this new pack of career politicos we’ve been dumb enough to vote back into office again, have either the smarts or the political guts to take such actions?

Even money says….they don’t.