(the friendly skies are getting way too friendly)

It’s difficult to decide whether the latest security procedures implemented by our TSA are, indeed, serious efforts to make our air travel here in America even safer than before, or, just another example of bureaucratic knee-jerk reactions to continuing threats and incidents attempted against us.

On the face of it we have the impression that the TSA has applied an ancient Chinese solution for dealing with 1000 suspects, among which there is at least one known criminal. That is, lop off all 1000 heads, and voila, you have the guarantee that you’ve eliminated that one criminal. The rest, to use a modern euphemism, are simply – collateral damage. 

Granted, with the volume of travelers flying hither and yon, it is a problem trying to figure out how to separate wing nuts having nasty kinds of death wishes….from everyone else. Still, one would think that there has to be a way to go about it without classifying the rest of us as “suspects.”

Super vision technology, with see-through capabilities, is apparently one answer to that problem. Of course, such equipment is very expensive, and, there are some unknown health risks from it, particularly for those who are very frequent flyers, who thus have to go through that gauntlet more than the rest of us. Minimal radiation is still – radiation- and such a process does have cumulative effects. As for the groping for security part, that’s just making the friendly skies way too friendly for my tastes. And a lot of others probably feel the same. 

So, what can be done about that? The answer I’ve come up with may not please everyone, but, I do believe it might make the process seem less distasteful…..that is….allow travelers to choose which gender they prefer to have for that groping procedure. For myself, I’d feel much less offended being groped by a burly female TAS agent, than otherwise, others, might prefer the opposite.

Oh well, as they say in la belle France….chacun a son degout.