(morphing from naïve advocacy into anarchic zealotry)

The problem with any naïve advocacy is that it generally tends to morph into anarchic zealotry. A zealotry that then goes on to become extreme self-righteousness, contributing nothing useful to the realities of dealing with the global community’s problems and woes.

The pattern of Julian Allange’s carefully selected targets further suggests that, far from being a “jihadist for truth and justice”, etc., his real motivation appears to be financial, by using internet based technology as the business model to that end. A model which that technology facilitates (and as we all know, IT has created a new portal for an ever growing flood of misinformation, and useless marketing scams, as ever before).

And the model and methods Allange has apparently developed seem designed to milk latent whistle-blower complexes of a horde of would-be celebutantes vying for their 15 minutes of fame, if not fortune. Army Pfc. Manning is a prime example of that. And how and in what way he, and possibly others in the wings, are seduced by Allange, is an open question. It’s thus difficult to believe that such seduction does not include some sort of profit factor.

Well, what we have here is just a high-tech version of one of those scandal mag-rags found at our supermarket checkout counters. The difference, of course, is that his model is more viciously oriented. Perhaps, therefore, the best counter-measure to such operations is to simply use the same model against people like Allange….by seducing others to “leak” about them, as the perfect bit of poetic justice in the fast moving world of IT, proving that it’s really still a tit-for-tat world after all….just as it has always been.

Welcome to the fun and games of the 21st century.