(at the end of a tumultuous decade)

This first decade of the 21st Century has been exhausting. Its tumultuous and chaotic times have left us staggering forward to the future, hesitant, uncertain even fearful, of whatever may be waiting for us over the horizon.

As a nation we now find ourselves standing like a deer frozen in the oncoming glare of a future speeding towards us at warp speed. And as the last eight hundred pound gorilla left standing in this world, we’re not sure what to make of it, or, what our role in that future should be. Everywhere we look, all we see is confusion, conflict, threats of attacks, and a diminishing status of our position in that world.

Here at home, our economic engine may still be turning over, but it’s backfiring a lot, and not producing the power output we’ve come to expect from it. Along with that its financial batteries have been so abused lately, they’re barely keeping it going, even hooked up to and receiving hefty surges through the Fed’s stimulus jumper cables. And a lot of folks are beginning to wonder if….tomorrow….will, indeed, ever be a better day.

Well, we’ve been through hard times before. Much harder times than any of these, and we still managed to not only do well for ourselves, but rebuild half of the rest of the world at the same time besides. So there’s no reason to think that we can’t do it again. Only, this time, perhaps, we’ll be much smarter about how we go about it. That is, we won’t volunteer to be the world’s police force anymore, nor will we allow ourselves to be conned into pissing away our national treasure on those who perceive us only as a….cash cow….to be milked as long as possible.

If we’re to face up to this oncoming future, then it’s time we started thinking about taking care of our own for a change. It’s time we looked into the mirror for a reality check about our flaws and do something about them. There are a lot of reform efforts we need to do about us, if we want to continue being the model for the rest of the world of what a free, open, prosperous, and civil society should be like. Thus, our past should be the compass for our future, because our founders gave us as perfect a blueprint as possible for being such a society. And while the structure built from it is still sound, there is a bit of dry rot and fair wear and tear (call it deferred maintenance) that needs to be taken care of before we can really fulfill the promise of what we call….America….in that future. So ends this decade. 

Now comes the hard part, but we will survive and prosper, if we remember only one thing: KEEP ON KEEPING ON!