(…as a bad case of assinus assinum fricat)

For most of the past sixty years the Israeli and Palestinian peoples have allowed themselves to be manipulated by their respective leaderships to ride the never-ending carousel of tit-for-tat…as a bad case of assinus assinum fricat (a rough English translation of that being – one stupid ass rubbing another one the wrong way) Apparently neither side is either prepared or willing to accept the rationale that, in common sense and justice, they cannot deny to others what they want for themselves. That is, the right to exist as a nation, in the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness, while living in peaceful proximity to each other…without a perpetual cycle of mutual slaughter and misery.

For their part, the Palestinians have never approached the issue in good faith. They seem to be forever stuck in only one kind of mindset…death to Israel…and quite happy to follow the dictates of their outside paymasters to achieve it. Understandably, the Israelis have reacted to that with the collective neuroses of a paranoid porcupine, ready to lash out with its tail at the slightest appearance of anything Palestinian at their gates, always responding to any Palestinian attack with a policy of… throw one pebble at us…and we’ll clobber you with ten boulders back!…convinced that is the only language the Palestinians will ever understand.

With such mindsets in place is it any wonder that the word – Peace – is nowhere to be found in either of their lexicons?

So, at the risk of not abiding by my late grandmother’s very sage advice of …never meddle in other folks’ family feuds…perhaps this suggestion might help resolve this insane situation between them:

– Just for once, shove your respective leaderships aside, and make a people-to-people effort instead, by having the Israeli Knesset and the Palestinian Parliaments exchange the following mutual declarations:

– “Since we are both peoples of the Book, let us acknowledge that both have the right to exist as nations in peaceful proximity to each other. To that end we declare we are prepared to set aside the antagonisms of the past in order to forge a mutually beneficial relationship for our future, and that of our respective posterity.

– Therefore, let us establish a joint commission whose task will be to draft a definitive agreement for that purpose, to be presented in referendum to both our peoples for their approval. And when approved by them, to then present that to the United Nations for ratification, with the State of Israel formally sponsoring the admission of the new Palestinian State to that body of the world community.”

Or words to that effect, truly something worthy of a Nobel prize…for Peace.