(…Victoria…has very few secrets left anymore)

There was a big promotional extravaganza show on CBS last night for the Victoria’s Secret company’s latest lingerie lines. But…the sidebars of lights, sounds, and other effects of that show were a bit over the top…somewhat distracting attention from the parade of live mannequins-cum-models they were using for it.

Those luscious lovelies, of course, were clad in the company’s latest line of – dishabille – presumably to entice viewers to stampede to their nearest stores and buy…buy…buy!

The only problem I see from all that hoopla for their lingerie offerings is that with this kind of show and tell deal…Victoria…has very few “secrets” left anymore, thus, diminishing that brand’s name’s come-hither-impact on the market place. A conundrum, no doubt, for the advertising and marketing geniuses who have to keep coming up with bigger and better ways to promote it for the market place.

They may have to revert to older formulas now for what were once delicately called — unmentionables – or, in a more risqué way as – women’s lingerie -. But don’t get me wrong, I have no inhibitions about leering at this kind of exhibitionism (after all, you’re never too old to enjoy eye-candy whenever offered). Besides, it’s an old truism that –sex- can be used to sell almost anything. And we’ve seen it applied for cars, yachts, homes, perfumes, personal deodorants, and even sports (viz. the annual swimsuit edition of a well known magazine).

But my only question here is…just exactly who are they trying to motivate by this kind of promotion? Are the key buyers of – lingerie- mainly men? From the looks of things these marketers appear to think so, with the pitch being…providing men with salacious visions of their wives, girlfriends, etc., prancing around in such apparel to give them their very own x-rated boudoir show.

On the other hand, if their targets are women buyers…then they are playing the same song for these…but in reverse. That is, the pitch to these being…prance around in your bedrooms with one of these outfits…and your guys will come on to you like stud stallions. All of that based on the premise that the human male is hardwired to react to such visual stimuli.

Well nowdays, apparently, the marketing application of that premise can swing…either way.


Sometimes showing, tells too much!