DAVE BRUBECK…TAKING A LONG FIVE                                                                                       (…but his sound will live on)

When it comes to music in general, and jazz in particular, few will ever compare to Dave Brubeck’s unique versions of it.

He passed away a few days ago after a long career. A career distinguished by both the quality and variety of his output, ranging from classical , to jazz, religious, and opera, each with a signature imprint all his own.

Even anyone who had never heard his jazz styling before, would instantly recognize it as something not just original, but unique. I first heard his jazz recordings in the early fifties, when he began popping up on those all night music radio shows. His iconic version of –Take Five – was one of his early hits. Its repetitive line and rhythmic beat was almost mesmerizing.

I was never lucky enough to enjoy a live performance of his (like a lot of others, I was overseas, humping over hill and dale in the wilds of places like the former kingdom of Laos), and by the time I came back to these parts, there never seemed to be an occasion for me to do so. But I had accumulated a large collection of records and tapes of his music, and still have some very worn ones, a few of which I’ve managed to preserve in my PC.

Well, old Dave Brubeck is taking a long five now…but his music will live on.