(…may be more than what we’re willing to pay)

At the rate our career politicos are moving to put our financial house in order…we may no longer have a house to be worried about.

Leaving aside their mutually rigid adherence to political ideology, rather than being guided by pragmatic common sense, perhaps the real problem causing such a poor performance by them…is their lack of strong incentives to do better by us.

Conventional wisdom says that they’re all over-paid, over-benefitted, and over-privileged, and thus, that’s the first place where any cuts in spending should be made…to goose them along to avoid that so-called fiscal cliff heading our way. But at the risk of sending shudders of horror surging through the ranks of all those Tea Party folks, or being branded as a fiscal ignoramus and nut case by an array of economics gurus, my contention is we should be considering a different perspective.

That is, maybe we should approach the problem in the same way all those 1 and 2 percenters do when they decide to buy a product or service…pay well above the market price for that, but demand absolute compliance with their desires and specifications for that product or service…and refuse to pay for anything that doesn’t meet those requirements. In short, when it comes to our career politicos’ performance, we’re still thinking in terms of a Ford Fiesta rather than a Cadillac, BMW, or Mercedes level of performance. So…maybe we should be paying these characters MORE…not less…than what they’re getting now…if we want them to give us an A-Class deal?

The thinking here is that…if we paid more…just like the 1-2 percenters do, we would then have the leverage to demand that they meet our expectations of performance…or else. It’s the old story of…money talks…and who writes those checks…can dictate how high you have to jump (okay, okay…isn’t that’s what supposed to be the deal already…for us?).

Well, if the price of perfection may be more than we’re willing to pay, perhaps the annex of this issue sums it all up for us.


You get what you paid for