(…there can never be any clear perspectives)

The recent UN conference on the subject of global warming, in Warsaw, Poland, and what to do about it, ended with the usual disarray of conclusions and no effective results.

One of the reasons no results came about is because certain elements of the international community are still more focused on fixing blame for it, rather than developing any kind of comprehensive and rational overview about the issue. In the process they continue to fail to present all the contributing factors involved, instead of just the few that might support their blame-game agendas. Thus, through their distorted lens…there can never be any clear perspectives.

For one thing, they completely ignore why our planet has such cycles of cooling, warming, cooling, warming, as clearly defined by Malinovsky’s work, none of it relating to any human contributions. So talk about either “preventing” or “fixing” it is useless nonsense. No matter what humans do global warming, or cooling, will continue for as long as this planet exists. At best, humans might reduce their contributions to the process, but they cannot prevent or fix it. What they should be doing instead is to focus on the best ways and means to adapt to the climatic changes resulting from those cycles.

For another, they also don’t seem to want to mention perhaps the most significant human contribution to the apparent acceleration of the planet’s current warming cycle. That is, the sheer magnitude of human population increases over the last 100 years, which is now rapidly nearing seven billion. We have yet to see any reports of what the carbon footprint of all that humanity might be, or, how it compares in volume to all other sources of carbon emissions. For example: what is the average number of breathes per minute per human? How many grams of CO2 are exhaled with each breath? What is the amount of CO2/hr resulting from that? What is the total then per day? What is the cumulative CO2 emission then per year, per human? And if that is multiplied by seven billion…what is the global metric tonnage of CO2 emitted solely by humans breathing in and out? How does that then compare to the emissions attributed to all other human activities? 

In short, we have yet to see a proper “inventory” calculation showing ALL sources of carbon emissions, and their respective percentages of the whole, versus all MEANS of absorption of those emissions, and what the NET difference between these might be. Until something of the kind is accomplished human efforts to understand the mechanisms involved with global warming and how to minimize the impacts of climate change because of it…are bound to be mostly misdirected and largely useless.

This not a question of denial, but about the intellectual honesty of all those who continue to present a distorted and incomplete picture of the situation, which leaves us wondering about the integrity of their motivations.