(…the inanities of their sounds and furies signifying nothing)

Our world is aflame with a thousand fires, each one inching it along the road to hell-in-a-hand basket, but in the social media world of celebugeeks, twitter twits that they are, seriousity is a bore. They much prefer their stormin’ tweets in a teacup, and the inanities of their sounds and furies signifying nothing…than anything else.

Such is the current tweet-storm raging in that world about CW star Carrie Underwood’s performance in a remake of the film – The Sound of Music -. A pathetic example seemingly driven by mainly “purist” fans of the original production, all fuming at the “presumption” of a Nashville grad daring to reprise the role of the divine Julie Andrews, etc., etc., etc.. How gauche!

Fortunately Ms. Andrews, being the class act that she is, has properly come to Underwood’s defense. It’s never easy to shift from one musical genre to an entirely different one. The fact that she even made such an effort does Underwood credit. It takes guts for a performing artist to stretch out of a comfort zone. True artists do it all the time, and Ms. Carrie has thus shown us that she is one.

Frankly, all this hullaballoo is misdirected. The real focus of it should have been on why Hollywood producer-types spend energy and capital resources on –remakes- of old scripts instead of looking to green light new and original material. Perhaps that’s because there are several key factors involved. First, there just doesn’t seem to be that kind of new and original material around for them to consider. One might even go so far as to say it is a barren wasteland in that regard.  For another, a remake can ride on the brand coattails of the original production, so it’s a simpler, easier, and less costly feed for the mass-market herd. A herd which has, in recent times, been dumb-downed to feed on explosive special effects and fantasy plots…rather than on any kind of meaningful story lines. Such is the film world of today.

Meanwhile, let’s hope all this just leaves Ms. Carrie crying…all the way to the bank.

C’est la vie!