(…as a giant among the giants of our times)

There have been great men, and well known to fame, but few have ever matched him. Not so much for great military victories, or, any number of other special accomplishments, but simply because of the clarity and strength of his moral authority.

Mandela…has now paraded into history…as a giant among the giants of our times. His legacy will be a tough act to follow or match, not just for South Africa, but anywhere else in the world besides. His kind of leadership is a rare thing, and in fact may be unique in the annals of human history.

His capacity for moral persuasion despite incredibly difficult circumstances was probably the most significant aspect of his character, and what gave him that power to turn hard core antipathy and resistance against change, into active support for national reconciliation to create a democratic, multi-racial, and unified society…where none existed before. It was an accomplishment truly worthy of a Nobel Prize.

We can only wish that his example could rub off on other leaders of similarly troubled societies embroiled in useless power struggles, sectarian conflicts, and racial hatreds. Sadly, none appear to be on the horizon, and the world remain the poorer for it.