(…where are you?)

A few days ago the President gave a speech on our economic condition and about the growing gap between top and lower income earners, and how the –Middle Class – was fast disappearing between these two extremes.

Canny politico that he is, he reiterated how the only to fix that situation was to make sure that we met the need for better education, for being able to afford a decent home, and, of the necessity for having good paying jobs, etc., if America’s –Middle Class – was to be rescued if not saved altogether.

Sorry, Mr. President, but you and your cohorts in Congress are years late, and billions short, as the saying goes; and, at the risk of displaying cynicism at your sudden interest in this Middle Class of ours, would the fact that next year is a mid-term election year have anything to do with your…calling for the Middle Class…calling for the Middle Class…where are you?

In today’s world it’s hard to really define what is the “Middle Class” exactly. From the way our Congress is stumbling around, and the taxation parameters it seems to think define it, you belong to the – Middle Class – if you’re earning between $100,000 and $250,000 per year. Anything more than that and you’re considered in the “Rich Class”. Anything less than that and you’re considered “Working Poor”. Which raises an interesting question here: How many people do we know who have jobs paying more than $50,000 per year. Damn few!

All of the things the President expound upon are, indeed, part of what make up that – Middle Class – but the problem in America these days is that, while very few earn more than the – Working Poor – , everyone still thinks they’re “middle class” despite that economic reality. We’re much like the denizens of Garrison Keiler’s – Lake Woebegone – where everyone was…above average.

So it would seem that being – Middle Class – really has nothing to do with our economic situation. It has more to do with one’s attitudes and values than anything else, and about the keyword…stability…in our family lives, in the kind of neighborhood we live in…and one’s employment situation. Without that sense of –stability- our perceptions then consider that we’re in decline and have lost our social status.

Unfortunately our career politicos may talk the good talk about it, but they have failed, and continue to fail, in creating the kind of stable economic matrix that might support a strong –Middle Class – as they continue to do everything possible to encourage the high flying and big spending interests instead, the kind that are always good for heavy campaign contributions in support of their political careers (after all…since when has the middle class ever made similar heavy-weight contributions for that purpose?).

Well, it all comes down to this: If what’s left of our Middle Class wants to continue to exist here in America, it will have to get off of its complacent buns, become a pro-active, even radical “center”, and start replacing such politicos from both parties, with some of their own kind instead.

Meanwhile…brother…can you spare a dime?