(…with twisted versions of amo, amatis, amat…)

Once again some of our career politicos are in trouble for sexually related misbehavior and capers of one kind or another. Apparently, just because they’re political high fliers, they think acting like low lifers, with twisted versions of amo, amatis, amat, is…okay.

None of this is new, however, and many of us can still recall similar scandals involving other career politicos in the past, some just as outrageous, many mostly pathetic, and a few plainly idiotic, and just as now, naturally, titillating our prurient interest.

We can only wonder at the I.Q. levels of the ones we either elect, or think about electing to public office, whose brains all seem to work only with the wrong end of their anatomies. It doesn’t say much about our own I.Q.s…either.

By now any idiot should know and understand that, in this day and age of instant news technologies, and, social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, et al, there’s no such thing as discretion or privacy anymore to allow indulgence in a bit of hanky-panky on the side. Lounge lizard behavior will always get “outed”, and usually at the personally most inconvenient of times (like…in the middle of an election campaign for office).

Of course, we also have similar escapades among our bad boys and girls of the entertainment and sports worlds; but, for them, we seem to have a less puritanical set of behavioral rules and standards. In fact, we make sexually related escapades almost de-rigeur for them to maintain their –celebutante – status with their fans.

So, the moral here, for anyone aiming for a glorious political career, is this: Never mind about the NSA…just keep a sharp lookout for…TMZ.