( is yet another instance of murderous insanity…)

It’s a saddening thing to have such a horrendous even occur at this time of year when everyone is preparing to celebrate…peace on earth…and goodwill to all….but for too many of the victims of this assault there will be little cause to celebrate that.

We can half-way understand any individual becoming enraged enough about some other individual’s perceived wrong-doing against them, and grabbing a weapon to attack that specific individual with it…as some sort of payback or revenge against them for it (an all too common defect of our human character); but, the San Bernardino, California, assault…is yet another instance of murderous insanity. We’re calling it “insanity” because only insane minds can have such a depraved indifference for human life, to mount such calculated indiscriminate slaughter of people with no particular connection to them. Such butchery can only derive from disordered if not defective minds.

The number and frequency of such events in the news these days suggests there is some kind of extremely infectious mental disease floating around us out there…infecting the minds of mostly young adults leading them into committing such heinous acts. Why some seem more susceptible to this kind of an insane infection than others is the great mystery, and, until we can figure out why that is, we’re bound to suffer more of these terrible events.

While it is too early to tell, the investigation into this event is showing some connecting links to the ISIS propaganda spewing on the net. If it becomes clear that this is indeed the case, as with the Paris and other incidents, then we must view the situation not just as an extreme ideological perversion of Islam, but as being the core source for an extremely infectious mental disease requiring extreme measures to not only contain it but to eradicated it as well, and as rapidly and as completely as possible by whatever means will accomplish it. Applying conventional criminal or military processes and resources just won’t do it. So greater efforts must be made to determine… what are the early warning symptoms that someone’s mind is being infected by such insanity…what “de-programming” measures may be required to treat individuals showing such symptoms… and what are the best means of quarantining them before that disease reaches its potential for explosive action. Until we manage to do this no one can ever be safe.

Whether this particular case was self-induced, indirectly motivated by the ISIS virus, or even directly linked to it, no matter how one cares to define it, it is a case of…terrorism…in every sense of that meaning. And those who perpetrated such acts, including all those who may have aided and abetted them, or failed to report the preparations they were making to do it… must all be considered as… terrorists… as well and dealt with accordingly.