(…whoever has no email account…let them cast the first stone…)

Let it never be said that American politics is a “clean” game. It never has been, and it is just as susceptible to skullduggery as any others in the world.

In this instance it involves former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is being hammered by the Republicans about her alleged misuse of a private email account during her tenure in that position.

We have no particular views about Secretary Clinton one way or another, but this kind of political maneuvering, obviously aimed at damaging her appeal as a possible presidential candidate in an election which is a year away from now, is the equivalent of grungy political kettles calling annother pot…black…so whoever has no email account…let them cast the first stone.

Worse yet, it makes us wonder if the Republican leadership is any better than that of the Democrats, further supporting our often stated view that neither party has any real concern for us, the tax-paying voters. Both have simply become a collective of career politicos, more concerned with maintaining their perks and privileges of office…than doing what’s best for the country as a whole.

Of course, we the voters, must bear the real blame for this state of affairs, because we continue to blindly support both, accepting their flim-flam blandishments for our votes simply because we’ve lost our capacity to think critically…or have just become too fat and lazy to do so…preferring instead to go with which one makes the best offer for not just a “free lunch”…but breakfast and dinner too.