(…even if they don’t have a presidential suite…Motel 6 just might keep the light on for you)

It’s always interesting to watch for what career politicos will come up with to woo voters to come their way, when they’re campaigning for President. Often that boils down to picking whatever campaign “theme” is most likely to create the strongest “image appeal” across the broadest spectrum of the electorate’s demographics.

For the Hillary Clinton campaign, her handlers this time have chosen to pitch she’s “plain folks”, just like the rest of us, and as such, the best possible choice to be the advocate for all us working people of America…etc., etc.. Coming from someone who has long been of the –one percenters – and close to the “flame of power” (as David Brooks of the New York Times has so well expressed it), making such a pitch believable may take a bit of doing. Still, with a modicum of acting ability to project sincerity combined with that evocative minivan prop that could help boost the credibility of such a political pitch. And if all of that is then further gift-wrapped in the mantle of her remaining celebrity status as a former First Lady, United States Senator, and Secretary of State, such a package might well do the job of convincing voters that she’s the one to vote for as President in 2016.

There are, however, some negative undercurrents to her candidacy, mainly relating to somewhat questionable campaign contributions from both domestic and foreign deep pocket interests. Nevertheless, given the American electorate’s demonstrated inclination to be swayed to vote on the basis of appearances and flash….sound bites that sound great… photo ops that look good…rather than substance, it’s doubtful if any of that will be relevant by election day. Perhaps an even stronger factor of influence with many voters will be that they could have a hand in making history…by voting for and electing the first woman President to the Oval Office. That factor alone could very well trump all other considerations.

Well, in the meantime, when you drive cross-country in a minivan called – Scooby- even if they don’t have a presidential suite…Motel 6 just might keep the light on for you.