(…still just offering in-the-box thinking with lots of noise pollution)

We’re not very impressed with anything being offered us as candidates by either the Democrats or the Republicans for the upcoming 2016 presidential elections.

Neither end of that duopoly stick is showing any signs of forward thinking. The kind of pragmatic perspectives and grand vision our country so desperately needs at this moment in its history. Instead, we’re only hearing the same tired old shibboleths of class warfare and partisan rhetoric from the midget minds of braying jackasses and trumpeting pachyderms… still just offering in-the-box thinking with lots of noise pollution…for the ways to resolve our existing economic and socio-political problems, and, how America must place itself in the surrounding matrix of a disordered world.

So, where are those candidates with the broad perspectives, pragmatic focus, and grand vision that we need? Are these simply mythological political creatures, much like the lovely unicorns? Can either of our two political establishments produce any? Alas, apparently not. That’s why it’s such a difficult thing to contemplate, especially for those of us who have served, fought, bled, and died, for this country, because such a case can’t avoid leaving us with a bitter taste in our mouths and wondering…what the hell did any of us ever serve for?

This is not a bad case of pessimism or a crisis of faith on our part, but just acknowledging the reality of our situation. We can only continue to hope and believe that our collective smarts will see through the smoke and mirror performances of such career politicos, to rein them in sharply by demanding something more worthy of what this grand republic of ours can…and must be…if it is to survive.

But to be blunt about it…only we…the tax-paying voters…can do that, so, it’s up to us.